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Ever since I was a kid I've been a bit of a pirate dork.  My office at home is fully decked out with Captain Hook and Pirates of the Caribbean stuff.  And there's a huge pirate community around the world... Festivals, bands, authors, painters, actors, artisans, historians and more.

On my podcast "Under The Crossbones" I take you "behind the eye patch" to talk to some of the most intriguing people the world has to offer:

  • The painter that invented the Captain Morgan Rum character? Check.
  • The composer who wrote the score for Pirates of the Caribbean?  Check
  • The diver who discovered one of the few authenticated pirate shipwrecks in the world? Check
  • The author who wrote a whole book about the economics of piracy? Check
  • The former British military man who fought Somali pirates on merchant ships? Check

And a whole bunch more!  If you've ever thought about throwing it all away to run away to sea and buckle some swash, come over and give the show a listen.