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Cool Artists You Should Know About

Guess what? I have lots of super talented friends that you may not have heard of yet. And I think you'll enjoy them. 🙂 Nearly everyone on the 25 track playlist below is a friend or acquaintance of mine (with a couple exceptions). If you hear something you like, I encourage you to Google them up and find out more about who they are what they do.

Songs That Make Me Want To Write Songs

Certain songs make me want to write. Maybe it’s a great lyric, or a killer riff, or a neat production idea, or a cool groove.  Something about the songs makes me want to pick up my guitar and write a song.  And I thought it would be fun to share those songs with you.

And yes, one of my songs is on there.  “Afrodizzyac” is one on my proudest achievements as a songwriter, so I get juiced up when I hear it. 🙂  It’s only on top because the songs are in alphabetical order.

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