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"Super Dan" - Available for streaming on Monday September 8th.
I love cartoons and animation art.  The ability to create life and movement out of a few lines mystifies me completely.  So when this song about a drunken superhero came up, I thought it would be the perfect place to do a video based on cartoon art.  All the artwork for the video was done by my friend Jeff Sornig of and I really think it came out great.

Live at Gold Mine Winery 2003 - It's funny... The audience at a show often has no idea what's going on with the band or the circumstances behind a gig.  I ran across this DVD in the vault. It's a gig from 10 years ago that we did at the Gold Mine Winery somewhere near Sonora, CA.  And I'll be upfront... This was a "day at the office" kind of gig.  Small crowd that had no idea who we were.  It's us plugging away and trying to build something.  It's not our best performance, the sound is weird, and the camera angle looks like the security cam in a 7-11.

But here's what else was going on... We were supposed to do an in-store performance at a record store before the gig.  When we got there, we discovered the place was so tiny, there's not way we'd fit everyone in there for a performance. And there wasn't exactly a line to get in to see use either.

So we decided we'd just go play on the sidewalk instead. Then we realized this record store was at the really dead end of this one main street through Sonora.  So instead we opted for a roving musical parade as we trekked down the street playing our songs and getting honked at my cars.  We stopped into two different bars and gave them a surprise performance.  "Hillbilly Love" at one place.  I don't remember what we played at the other.

After disrupting the peaceful little town, we drove our van to the winery for the gig.  And the second we pulled into the parking lot our transmission made a big banging sound and started spewing fluid like a drunk on Saturday night.  This gig was about 3 hours from our home base, so we didn't really know how we were getting home the next day.

We stayed at the winery owners house that night.  The next day we had the van towed to a repair shop ($$$) and rented a truck to get our gear and some of the guys home ($$$).  My dad drove the truck and one of the guys took the passenger seat.  I sat on the shift hump in between them.  Fortunately the winery owner was heading into the Bay Area that day anyway, so he transported the rest of the band in his car.  And a week later my dad and I had to drive back out there and pick up the van.

Needless to say we didn't make any money on that gig once we paid for everything.  Just another day in the life of Roadside Attraction.

So with that in mind, here's the gig we played that night.  Unfortunately, the end of the DVD was corrupted, so I could only rip the first 40 minutes or so.

Nope, it's probably not a great show. But it's an interesting insight into the daily life of a band on the road. 🙂

"Here Comes My Baby"
That's comedian Iris Benson playing the part of Medusa in this video. And that's actually my mom playing mom at my mom's actual house in that scene. The coffee shop scene was filmed at Station 55 in Gilroy, CA right after I got off stage. So if I look a little disheveled (more than usual) in that scene, it's because I went directly from the post-show merch table into this side room for a video shoot.

"If I Were A Girl"
Upon arriving in Toledo, OH for some tour dates, I hopped over to a dollar store to buy the makeup for this video. The checker asked me if I was shopping for my girlfriend. What kind of cheapo boyfriend would I be buying my girl dollar store makeup? I told her it was for a music video. Pretty sure she didn't believe me.

"Bad Porno Sex" from Creep KOFY
You know those classic local TV shows that show old horror movies with interstitials by colorful local host characters? Well, this one also likes to bring comedians on the show.

"Gimme Gimme"
Since I look like an idiot when I'm screaming into a mic, I thought it might be fun to get this song on film as a studio performance. You can see my banjo in the background. Aren't you excited?

"Hello Little Monkey"
Every so often a song pops out of my head that doesn't seem to have a useful place in the universe. After singing, "Heloooo little monkey, buh buh buh buh buh buh buh buh..." around the house for about two weeks, I figured I should get the thing down on tape. I did my best to create the most annoying song ever written.

The beach scene was shot in Monterey. The grocery store was shot at the Lucky's by my house (reeeeeally early in the morning). And the playground scene was shot at the park next to my house.

"Brown Ring Around The Collar"
This is one of my favorite songs from "Raising A Rockus", the live DVD we did at the historic Hoover Theater in Santa Clara, CA. The fact is that "Stupid" is a terrible disease that afflicts millions of people and there's not nearly enough being done to eradicate this scourge. So in the meantime, we can make fun of the idiots in the true stories included in this song.