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Lyrics to the Songs

Sometimes it's hard to catch all the words in the songs.  And I wouldn't want you to miss any of my spectacular and witty jokes. 😉  So click the link below to download an ebook with the lyrics to all the songs in your download pack.

Short Stories and Chicken Recipes

Some days when I sit down to write, it's not always music or standup bits that come out.  Sometimes a short story pops out.  So that's what's happening in this little ebook.

Oh, and some recipes.  I like to cook too. 🙂

From My Personal Notebook

Every comedian and songwriter carries around a notebook to jot down ideas for new material.  Sure, we could use technology on our phones or voice recorders (and I do those too), but there's nothing like digging in with pen and paper to work out an idea.

At the link below you can download real scanned pages from my lyric and comedy notebook, including "Afrodizzyac", "Bad Porno Sex", "What Santa Wants" and "LCW".  Plenty of stuff in there that didn't make the final cut too. 🙂

And if you're wondering how I can read any of that chicken scratch and smudged pencil... A lot of times, I can't.